Las Vegas is the Mecca of adult entertainment. People are drawn in by the various Vegas attractions including gambling/casinos, swimming pools, beach clubs, nightclubs, adult shows, bars & lounges, fine dining restaurants and Michelin-starred restaurants that offer the best of American, French, Italian, and Asian cuisine.

Vegas likely has 100,000 hotel rooms to accommodate visitors. People visit here for fun, relaxation, professional conferences, corporate events, bachelor parties, birthday celebrations, professional achievement celebrations, personal life milestones, and more. Men who visit Sin City have escorts on their mind apart from the other fun that is available in Vegas. No wonder the Vegas Strip is replete with free escort ads on billboards apart from the handbills.

Free Escort Sites

If you do want to explore independent Las Vegas escorts, you’ll find them listed on free escort sites. But many of the old ones have shut shop or are no longer active. These include the likes of Craiglist and Backpage.

Eros. This one is a top site where you can find independent escorts in Vegas as also in other cities.

Preferred411. This is a members-only site which charges $99 for client membership. It requires age verification for escorts to place their ads. Clients also need verification via references or employment information. It’s up to you whether you want to share so much about yourself for a one-time visit to Vegas.

Slixa. This is another site which lists escorts but also sugar babies, live girls and so forth.

These are a few of the free escort sites where you may find independent escorts listed. There are more directory sites that have other stuff apart from escort listings. One of the problems with the listings on these sites is that there is no way to tell if what’s shown on the pictures is what you’ll get. With established escort agencies like us, you can be sure that what you see is what you get. On the rare occasions when you are still unsatisfied with the escort who reaches your place, you can cancel her on the spot and select someone else in her place.

Las Vegas Escort Websites Vs. Las Vegas Professional Escort Agencies

First time visitors to Las Vegas should be rightly wary regarding the plethora of options and about getting over-stimulated by an excess of ads. If you are a potential first timer to Sin City, you should do some careful research about free escort sites and escort ads Las Vegas so that your Sin City vacation experience turns out to be positive and productive.

Professional Las Vegas escort agencies have escort ladies who are willing to travel to your hotel room and are available for a variety of purposes. Our escorts are not only lovely looking with gorgeous figures, they possess skills like strip teasing, pole dancing and more. You could hire our escort ladies to accompany you to a professional event or conference. Our escorts will be extraordinary eye candy that you can show off to your family or friends or colleagues from work.

If it’s some sensuous dancing that you want to enjoy in your resort suite, we’ll send one of our lovely escort ladies to your address. Such private shows work best for bachelor parties, birthday parties or other small private parties.

Professional escort agencies have vetted escorts which should provide you with peace of mind regarding the background and age of the escort lady.

Our escort ladies are diverse both racially and in terms of educational background and skills. Some of our ladies are more into fitness and sports than others. Our escorts range in age from teens to mature ladies. We have escorts from a Caucasian background as well as Asian escorts.

When you hire our Asian escorts, you get the chance to spend time with an accomplished Asian woman who has some innate Asian characteristics such as humility and submissiveness apart from the qualities you can expect in an escort from a professional escort agency such as being dependable and trustworthy as well as being discreet.

Our Asian escorts will be fine companions at your corporate events or conferences. Your colleagues will be sure to wonder about the lady who is accompanying you.

But we have all-American blondes and brunettes as well who are loads of fun to be with. You can take them out to a bar & lounge for some cocktails. Or, you could go out to one of the top nightclubs in Vegas like Hakkasan or Drai’s or Light or Tao. You could invite one of our sensuous blonde or brunette escorts to your resort suite and spend time with her at the hotel pool and you can have conversations with her on any topic that fancies you.

How wonderful that William Shatner made the journey to the edge of space. You got to be really fit to be able to withstand the forces of a rocket launch when you are 90 years old. Our athletic escorts are really fit and fun to be with. You could discuss your own fitness interests and about the Peloton craze vs. CrossFit vs. simple routines involving deadlifts and donkey kicks and goblet squats.

Our young escorts have their favorite TV shows and you could discuss the virtues of Friends vs. Seinfeld vs. 30 Rock vs. Game of Thrones vs. House of Cards vs. Sex And The City with them.

Who are your favorite Friends characters — Rachel, Ross, Joey, Phoebe, Monica, or Chandler? Who are your favorite Seinfeld characters: Seinfeld or George or Elaine or Kramer?

It will be fun to discuss.

“We do not remember days, we remember moments. The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten.” Cesare Pavese. Spending time with our escorts will be worth it as you will create some beautiful memories from your Vegas experience.

That leads to the Fremont Street Experience (FSE). If you are located at one of the hotels downtown, like Circa, you are in for a great time and great fun as you can walk down that LED illuminated canopy.

What is your favorite part of Vegas — The Strip or Downtown? The Strip has entertainment options like the Mirage Volcano, the Bellagio Fountains, the Eiffel Tower, the Bellagio Conservatory, the gondola rides at The Venetian, and the World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain. Some of these modes of entertainment are free while others are not.

We would suggest you book a room in one of the top resorts even if they appear to be pricey. When you are located in the middle part of The Strip — think Bellagio, Aria, or The Cosmopolitan — you are close to everything and you won’t have to waste your time in taxis. Vegas resort room rates can be reasonable during the week though they shoot up into the stratosphere during the weekends. Just a word to the wise since you would already be familiar with these details if you are a Vegas veteran.

But all this will pan out smoothly only if you hire escorts from professional agencies instead of going for cut-rate independent escorts. If you get taken for a ride by independent escorts, there is no way to complain to anyone.

Do not believe in starter offers like $100 for escorts. No escort is going to spend time with you for that kind of money. Once you get an escort to your room, you would realize that everything else costs money. In fact, some top tiers escorts — say, those with pornstar experience or background — might charge in excess of $1,000 per hour. Escorts like VIP escorts might have rates in the range of $1,200 per hour.

When you hire escorts from professional escort agencies, you are sure that you won’t accidentally step into the mud. There will be no ‘bait-and-switch’ trickery played with you whereby you see one picture of an escort on a website and someone else reaches your door.

But don’t let such risks inhibit you. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain.

There is some truth to those words — even if you cannot quite be a ‘Columbus’ or ‘Magellan’ any longer. Not many kings and queens around now. Though perhaps the billionaires are the kings and queens now. And they are helping launch a whole new industry — space tourism!

Independent Escorts Vs. Agency Escorts

There is a reason why you should be skeptical of the claims on those free escorts ads. The rates mentioned on those appear to be too good to be true. Well, if something sounds to be too good to be true, then it probably is not true.

The low rates will turn out to be teaser rates. You won’t be able to get her to perform for you for $100 or even have a conversation for that rate. So, forget about any sensual stuff.

On top of that, by offering low rates, the independent escorts are automatically forced to work longer and take on more clients just to make the money they need for themselves as well as to pay the sites where their profiles are listed. They probably have to pay extra for their profiles to be highlighted.

So, the independent escorts may be only half with you and the other half of their brain might be consumed with worries or about the next escort encounter.

Your escort encounter will turn out to be disappointing if it is rushed.

You can think of the difference in the dining experience at a top end fine dining restaurant versus eating at a food court. It’s the difference in quality between A5 certified Kobe beef and a Subway sandwich.

You won’t expect a $4 burger at a Food Court in a Vegas resort to have the same quality as the offerings inside a Gordon Ramsay or an Wolfgang Puck or an SW Steakhouse and other restaurants of that stature. If you want beef Wellingtons or quality New York cuts or fillet mignons or a seafood platter to savor, you go to the top restaurants that have earned a reputation for themselves.

It’s the same with escorts from reputed agencies vs. escorts from free escort sites. So, our advice would be to ignore escort ads Las Vegas just as you would ignore those guys offering ‘timeshare’ schemes and free entry to shows or nightclubs. Both are a waste of time.